About Us

Precision Mapping produces accurate farm maps with the help of satellite technology. Information is captured through the use of a GPS that triangulates exact ground positions using satellites at 3 second intervals. Land is measured by following the crop perimeters, fence lines, veld and pastures while driving an ATV. Land layout will not affect the accuracy of data captured.

The following features can be shown on a map:

  • All lands, showing exact areas to two decimal places of a hectare.
  • Land numbers per field
  • Land use categories applicable on a farm
  • Farm roads, gates, dams, boundaries, hiking trails, camp sites, main roads power lines through farm
  • Point Features such as houses, huts, pump, sheds, etc
  • Centre Pivots.
  • Land Contours

The benefits for the farmer of having his farm mapped are:

  • Accurate crop insurance and insurance claims
  • Accurate crop yield figures may be calculated
  • Accurate determination of input costs such as fertilizer, seed requirements, herbicides, pesticides etc
  • Accurate determination of costs prior to contract work such as aerial spraying or fertilizer application
  • Maps for bank loan applications
  • Accurate layout of land classification

The data provided by Precision Mapping is compatible with the farm management programme "Farm Keeper"

We can assist you with your farm planning by creating the camp size requirements using GPS data and marking out the camp for you to fence according to this.


  • Grid Soil Sampling and Analysis 
  • Farm Planning i.e. creating  the camps according to required sizes and marking out for fencing 
  • Silage Pit Measuring & Analysis
  • Tree Lucerne Agent
  • Trimble EZ-Guide Steering Systems Agent

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e-mail: precisionmapping@gmail.com


Map Samples

Click on an image below to view a larger version.

Single land showing pivot areas
and contours with their hectarages.
Map showing arable
and irrigated lands only
Standard map showing pivot areas and camps
Map showing 100mx100m Grid system soil sampling.  Top and Sub soil samples can be pulled